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Fruit Attraction 2019

Fruit Attraction 2019

Diverse activities are held globally every year where farmers from different parts of the world can learn about the new agricultural trends that are setting the standard in terms of growing processes. On this occasion, we want to talk about the Fruit Attraction 2019, which is an international fair held annually to promote everything related to the fruit and vegetable industry promoting the concept “from farm to table”.

The Fruit Attraction 2019 that will be held in Madrid, Spain from October 22nd to the 24th, will reunite members of the community of horticulturists and fruit growers from several parts of the world, where is expected the presence of more than a thousand companies as exhibitors and almost 100.000 professionals from the agricultural area coming from more than a hundred regions.

According to the website of the Madrid Fair Institution (IFEMA), one of the objectives of the activity, which this year has the motto “Where Fresh Produce & Innovation meet”, is to be able to show all the processes of marketing, quality, knowledge and innovation in the industry of vegetables and flowers.

As it has already become customary, Fruit Attraction is certainly one of the best commercial alternatives that annually allows flower growers and horticulturists of the world to design timely strategies to organize their next cultivation seasons. It takes place in the month of October, in the southern part of Europe, because it is the best season to offer and look for the freshest and highest quality products.

Fruit Attraction 2019 will be a favourable activity to establish new connections and commercial ties between entrepreneurs and horticulturists from around the world who are looking to bring their products to other latitudes. In this way, not only is it possible to attract new consumers, but also to promote a greater expansion of the Spanish and international market for fruits and vegetables.

Attractions of the Fruit Attraction 2019

Aside from the commercial benefits of the event, this edition seeks to highlight all the innovation processes that have originated over the last year, such as new products, varieties in vegetables and flowers that were obtained after performing studies and tests, new distribution strategies, discussing and sharing knowledge about one of the most cultivated fruits and vegetables in the world, as well as promoting the latest tools such as the use of plastic covers and other related materials that are implemented to improve crop quality in regions with difficult climates.

Related to the agricultural plastics, The Armando Alvarez Group will be exhibiting once more at this important Convention. The possibility to offer integrated plastic solutions from on-field growing to fresh produce packaging helps bring added value to farmers worldwide.

There will be several spaces where companies will be able to separately exhibit fresh products, organic products, nuts, flowers and gardening, as well as the new technologies developed to increase production.

Also, those attending Fruit Attraction 2019 will be able to witness the Accelera Awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with the aim of supporting those who are entering the world of fruit and vegetables through entrepreneurships that are highly beneficial to communities and the agricultural industry.


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