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eBook – Tomatoes: One of the most cultivated and widespread fruits in the world

Today, the tomato has the leading role as one of the most known and widespread foods in the world, with an interesting history of both its birth and conquest of the gastronomical world. It is also one of the most cultivated fruits in modern history and present in everybody’s diet.

The tomato comes originally from America and was born in Andean lands, more specifically in Peru. But did you know it originated as a wild plant that was later domesticated? Did you know that this fruit faced a public trial to be accepted as an edible food in the North American community? These are only some of the facts included in its history, beyond its fame as the main ingredient in Spanish and Italian recipes.

In the north american continent, the state of Florida (USA) and the Province of Ontario (Canada), are places where the tomato crops, both fresh or processed varieties, have a great performance mostly under demanding technological processes especially in the colder areas.

This eBook includes diverse and interesting data about the “tomato” that can be useful for those farmers who are dedicated to its cultivation in countries such as the United States and Canada, or for all those who are getting started in the complex, but fascinating world of the production of fruits and vegetables.

You will learn essential facts about this fruit, but also about its production in the United States, a country that has been recognized as being among the leading tomato producing regions for many years, reaching a significant volume when it comes to its participation in the global market.

You will obtain information regarding the use of plastics for mulching in the cultivation of tomatoes, what are their advantages and disadvantages of their use and the different varieties of plastic films applicable to this particular crop.

Although it is true that the cultivation of tomatoes implies an interesting process, it is also a practice that can face threats due to the extreme climatic conditions of the region. For that reason, we will provide recommendations on the type of crop, best months for planting and other advice that will guide producers on how to obtain a good yield in the harvest and, also, a final quality product.

Other information of interest that you will find in this eBook, is the time that tomato crops need to offer their first fruits, based on the variety of the fruit and the method of cultivation, whether outdoors, in greenhouses or in an urban orchard or garden. You will learn about the temperature levels that tomato crops should be kept at to obtain a quality fruit.

You can learn much more by reading the full eBook!

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