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Canada’s Farm Progress Show 2019

Canada’s Farm Progress Show 2019

Events related to the agricultural world are held every year worldwide, where, aside from talking about new trends in the agricultural market, future projects are presented, which include technological tools already available to optimize the agricultural work of producers and to help improve the quality of the crops that will later be sold to the consumers.

In 2019, one of the most striking events for farmers around the world will be Canada’s Farm Progress Show, which will take place from June 19th to the 21st in the city of Regina, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies. The event seeks to create a connection between the manufacturers and local and international customers regarding the latest trends in agricultural equipment, technology and advances in terms of drylands.

What can we expect from the Canada’s Farm Progress Show?

According to the information stated on the webpage My Farm Show, one of the special features of the Canada’s Farm Progress Show is the fact that it operates with a large presence of agricultural products and equipment, agricultural technologies, production equipment, agricultural accessories and all agricultural correspondents belonging to the agricultural industry and the forestry area. Those who have the chance to attend the event will have the opportunity to witness the latest innovations and new products that will be presented in this edition.

Attendance is expected to reach close to 40,000 visitors from more than 50 countries around the world. The goal of the more than 700 exhibitors that will be present at the Canada’s Farm Progress Show is to promote the invention, education, cooperation and growth that is being generated in the agricultural industry, not only in Canada but worldwide. It is certainly one of the largest trade fairs in the country that each year manages to attract manufacturers, exhibitors and professional speakers who are working in the agricultural field.

For this issue, an area of more than 1.9 million square feet has been allocated, including everything from the latest in equipment and software technology, to keynote speakers and lifestyle products that set the tone in the industry. But those who do not belong to the world of agricultural production or trade will also be able to approach the facilities, as there will be options for all tastes.

This year will specifically be focused on promoting the educational aspect of the trade and its importance to further enhance the processes that come into play in agriculture: from the best options in technology, networks, opportunities for new business developments to being able to make a purchase.

Why the city of Regina?

Because its residents and visitors agree that it is a lively city that offers countless shopping opportunities and restaurants, aside from having one of the largest urban parks in Canada, as well as many cultural attractions such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre and Training Academy, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

If you are interested in attending the Canada’s Farm Progress Show, you may also want to read about best practices for milk production or how do farmers find information and make purchases today.

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