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Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

As in the United States and Canada, agricultural fairs are also held in Latin America, where the main objective is to promote through different events the new trends and technological advances that will be applied in agriculture this year.

In this opportunity, we will cover the agricultural events in Latin America for 2023 so agricultural producers, traders, manufacturers, and fans of the world of agriculture can take advantage of them.

It is important to note that Agriplastics Community does not organize these events, we only publish this post for informational purposes to let our readers know which are the most important events in the agricultural sector. To participate in any of the events mentioned in this article, it is necessary to visit the official website of each event and follow the specific requirements for each case.

In this article you will find the most important agricultural events taking place in the following Latin American countries:

  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Peru

Agricultural events in Colombia

Agroexpo: Corferias, Bogota. July 13-23, 2023

One of the most popular agricultural events in LATAM, not only in Colombia but also in other parts of Latin America and the world. Approximately 160,000 people are expected to participate in this edition to enjoy more than 500 exhibits.

Attendees will get the latest information on developments in the agricultural sector, machinery, and inputs, as well as trends in food production chains.

Participants will also strengthen and establish new contacts with livestock producers and financial institutions willing to promote emerging businesses.

Biocontrol LATAM Conference & Exhibition: Hotel Intercontinental Medellin, Medellin. August 14-15, 2023

The event is an opportunity for producers, traders, and researchers from the agricultural world to gather together to analyze all the trends and regulations related to biocontrol in Latin America to understand the importance of the use of biocontrol solutions in agriculture worldwide.

More than 5,000 thousand people are expected, and more than 500 exhibits will be on display.

Agrofuturo expo: Plaza Mayor, Medellín. September 6-8, 2023

The objective of this event is to showcase the diversity of products and services related to the agricultural sector, such as:

  • Equipment and machinery specially designed to improve agricultural work.
  • Bioinputs
  • Water harvesting and conservation systems
  • Products that work with solar energy and how to use them
  • Products for agricultural use
  • Farm-fresh and farm-produced snacks from international and local renowned brands

For this edition, a maximum attendance of 20,000 people and the participation of up to 500 exhibitors are expected.


Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

Proflora: Corferias, Bogota. October 4-7, 2023

An agricultural event in LATAM designed for attendees to discover what’s new in the area of flowers, trees, plants, and more.

There will be a variety of booths where visitors will appreciate the latest innovations regarding machinery such as special mini-tractors for gardening, lawnmowers, greenhouse materials, landscaping, garden care, outdoor living, and water gardening.

A maximum of 500 exhibitors are expected to participate, including flower breeders and growers, who will offer a sample of their best products.

Avocado Territory: Plaza Mayor, Medellín (Date to be confirmed)

Known by many as the main knowledge event of the avocado sector in Colombia, it seeks to provide a space to connect the sector with global trends and markets, promote investment and research, as well as the technological advances and innovations that are being applied in the production of avocados in the region.

Agricultural events in Brazil

Fertilizer Latino Americano Conference: Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort, Rio de Janeiro. January 29-February 1, 2023

One of the conferences that bring together several fertilizer professionals in Latin America including buyers, traders, and manufacturers, who aside from networking, will learn about the latest trends in the agricultural market.

This particular event receives thousands of visitors, not only from Brazil but from almost 50 countries, representing more than 360 international organizations.

Coopavel Rural Show: Rural Show Coopavel, Cascavel. February 6-10, 2023

Another of the agricultural events in LATAM that will congregate hundreds of the best exhibitors of agricultural products and services such as machinery implements for dairy farming, intensive swine, and poultry farming, plus the best techniques for rural management.

Up to 20,000 visitors are expected to attend and up to 500 exhibitors are expected to participate.

Agrishow Ribeirao Preto: Agrishow, Ribeirão Preto. May 1-5, 2023

The event will reunite a large number of exhibitors who are specialists in offering agricultural solutions for all types of crops, whether large or small.

The Agrishow is also recognized worldwide for setting the standard by presenting the main technological trends and innovations that are being implemented in agribusiness in Brazil and worldwide.

Bio Brazil Fair: (Date to be determined)

This international fair, which is one of the largest in Latin America, will serve as a platform for agricultural producers and enthusiasts to learn about innovations in organic products and agroecology.

Attendees will obtain information on diverse certified organic, natural, and processed products, as well as other projects related to sustainable agriculture.

Bahia Farm Show: Bahia Farm Show Complex, Salvador. June 6-10, 2023

Known as the largest agricultural technology and business fair in the North and Northeast of Brazil, the Bahia Farm Show brings together some of the country’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, implements, inputs/consumables, aviation, and other agricultural services.

The fair is an opportunity to do networking and obtain relevant information on agribusiness worldwide. Nearly 70,000 people are expected to participate and enjoy more than 900 exhibits. For more information regarding this event click here.


Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

Agricultural events in LATAM 2023

World Agri-Tech South America Summit: São Paulo. June 20-21, 2023

Another agricultural event in LATAM that will offer a sample of all the potential of the region to innovate and promote increasingly sustainable, and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

It also constitutes an excellent platform to do networking and strengthening existing business relationships. For more information regarding this event click here.

Hortitec: Holambra, Brazil. June 21-23, 2023

Hortitec was the result of a common idea of several businessmen who realized that Brazil needed a fair worthy of international ones.

Attendees can establish contacts with exhibiting companies to learn more about the needs of the sector and promote other businesses.

The fair has grown over the years, and more specialists in the horticultural and floriculture areas are gathering to talk about agricultural topics of interest. This year, an estimated 400 companies are expected to participate.

Enflor Garden Fair: Holambra São Paulo, Osasco. July 16-18, 2023

One of the most relevant fairs of this year, which focuses on everything related to gardening. Thousands of attendees will be able to participate in more than 500 exhibits where products such as decorative flooring, fruit trees, compost, fresh flowers, gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, herbs, and much more will be on display.

MercoAgro: Parque de Exposicoes Tancredo Neves, Chapecó. September 12-15, 2023

The event offers the opportunity to learn about the latest technological advances and innovations applied to the world of agriculture and food production.

This year’s event is expected to attract some 5,000 visitors interested in learning about the production of poultry, pork, and beef, as well as dairy products and beverages, seafood processing, refrigerated foods, fresh produce, and more.

Agricultural events in Chile

ISSPA: The International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analysis: Concepción, Región Bio-Bio. March 21-24, 2023

One of the most anticipated events, as it represents the perfect opportunity to address different issues related to the study of soils and croplands, to know what is being done to reduce the carbon footprint, as well as everything related to the care of plants.

It is estimated that up to 100 delegates from Chile and other parts of Latin America, including scientists, students, representatives of public and private laboratories, as well as governmental entities and professionals in the area, will attend. For more information regarding this event click here.

Global Cherry Summit: Sun Monticello, San Francisco de Mostazal. April 20, 2023

One of the world-class fairs that last year brought together hundreds of visitors from countries such as the United States, Brazil, China, Italy, and Argentina, among others, to address diverse topics related to the fruit industry and the cultivation of cherries.

Those who attend the Global Cherry Summit, the leading meeting of the cherry industry in the world, will participate in more than 50 exhibitions and obtain quality information from exporters, importers, and researchers in the field of fruit, concerning the variables that affect the growth/cultivation and global development of this crop.


Agricultural events in LATAM

Agricultural events in LATAM

Agricultural Water Summit: Hotel Monticello, San Francisco de Mostazal. August 3, 2023

Hundreds of experts and company representatives from several countries around the world will gather here to discuss the current and future challenges of the water industry, as well as to analyze the sustainable alternatives that are being implemented today.

Approximately 700 delegates, and more than 50 exhibitors, are expected to participate in this edition, who will analyze the success stories that have been applied, for example, to deal with drought to guarantee water security for the year 2050, as well as to present the technological alternatives that are already being used today to preserve, manage, and reuse water resources in agriculture.

Agricultural events in Argentina

International Academic Conference on Science, Ecological Agriculture and Forestry: Buenos Aires. January 22-23, 2023

One of the best opportunities for those interested in learning about the latest technological advances in organic farming and forestry.

Up to 1,000 delegates from Argentina and other Latin American countries are expected to participate.

The conference will serve as a meeting place for academics, researchers, industry representatives, engineers, and students, who will share their findings and achievements in the area of ecological agriculture.

Agricultural events in Ecuador

Expoagro Ecuador: Guayaquil. March 7-10, 2023 (Virtual event)

This is a 4-day event that offers a sample of diverse products ranging from agricultural, processed foods, sausages, and dairy products to agricultural machinery, and packaging material.

Thousands of people are expected to have the opportunity to do networking and enjoy a pleasant experience thanks to the exhibits that will be available.

Agriflor: Centro de Exposiciones Quito, Quito. October 2-4, 2023

One of the most popular agricultural events in Ecuador among producers, traders, and suppliers connected to diverse areas within the agricultural, and marine industries, as well as other food products.

Exhibiting companies will showcase their latest products, as well as strengthen or establish new business relationships with customers, buyers, and suppliers.

Up to 20,000 visitors and some 50 exhibitors are expected to attend.

Agricultural events in Mexico

ExpoAgro Sinaloa: Centro de Innovación de Fundación Produce Sinaloa, Sinaloa. February 22-24, 2023

A traditional event in the northwest of the country where participants get a sample of the latest products and services in the world of agriculture in Mexico.

Expoagro is also an excellent opportunity to do networking, and establish new businesses with companies dedicated to promoting agriculture in the region.

AgroBaja Mexico: Mexicali. March 3-5, 2023

Better known as the agricultural and fishing exhibition of the country, AgroBaja allows professionals of the agricultural and fishing industry, as well as agro-industrial producers, to showcase all the technological advances and tools that are being used today in agribusiness.

Attendees will also be able to take advantage of the opportunity to do networking with members and representatives of diverse agricultural sectors, as well as get up to date on the latest agricultural trends.

More than 50,000 people are expected to attend this edition, not only from different parts of Mexico but also from regions such as Baja California and Arizona in the United States, as well as from Canada.

GreenTech Americas: Querétaro Centro de Congresos, Santiago de Querétaro. March 21-23, 2023

Another agricultural event in Mexico that will allow visitors to meet with experts and professionals from different areas of agriculture, as well as investors who want to establish new business contacts to promote horticulture in Mexico, and other Latin American countries.

Aside from commercial relations, the event is the ideal scenario to share ideas and present the most recent technological advances and innovations available today for the horticultural market.

Up to 2,200 visitors and more than 100 exhibitors are expected to attend.

World Seafood Industry: Expo Guadalajara, Guadalajara. May 17-19, 2023

The event is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances and new technologies that are being implemented today in the world of fishing, and aquaculture in Mexico, which seeks to be increasingly sustainable.

Up to 5,000 people are expected to attend this edition of the World Seafood Industry, having the opportunity to meet some of the country’s main retailers and wholesalers, who will be offering a sample of fishing equipment, and the most recent techniques applied in aquaculture to improve production levels.

Agrotech México: Expo Guadalajara. May 17-19, 2023

One of the agricultural events in Mexico designed especially for members of the agro-industrial sector such as producers, industrial managers, and retailers of different agricultural products to increase their levels of specialization and competitiveness as they move towards an increasingly digitized agro-industry.

One of the objectives of this edition is to understand that thanks to the implementation of machinery, equipment, and strategies connected to artificial intelligence and technological innovation, it is more viable to transform the agricultural industry as it is known today.

More than 300 exhibitors will showcase the latest developments in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, automation, blockchain, logistics 4.0, as well as the use of drones in crops, and much more.

Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato: Guanajuato. November 7-10, 2023

Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato is one of the best platforms to position agricultural products in the market through networking with potential international buyers, professionals, and specialists in the agricultural sector, suppliers, and researchers, as well as representatives of government agencies in the region, consultants, and several international organizations.

The fair has been held for 25 years, and one of its main features is the opportunity to connect with distributors and visitors from all areas of the agri-food sector, not only from Mexico but also from overseas.

Attendees will walk through more than 600 square meters of exhibition space with plots of land, an experimental field with greenhouses, and an exhibition of agricultural machinery, as well as different samples of the agri-food sector from more than 800 companies.

Agricultural event in Peru

Expo Pesca & Acuiperú: Centro de Exposiciones Jockey, Santiago de Surco. September 6-8, 2023

This bi-annual event offers one of the largest samples of the fishing and aquaculture business in Peru.

Attendees will enjoy up to 500 exhibits of equipment, supplies, and services for fishing and aquaculture, as well as vessels, and everything related to tools for product refrigeration, processing, and distribution.

Up to 20,000 visitors are expected to participate in this edition, not only from Peru but also from other nearby regions, to catch up with all the innovations that are being implemented today in fish hatcheries.

To stay up to date on upcoming agricultural events, we recommend you review our agricultural events calendar.

Also, if you wish to expand your knowledge on various topics related to the agricultural sector, we invite you to take a look at all the webinars that we have conducted, covering various topics related to the world of agriculture.

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