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Agricultural events in LATAM in 2022

Agricultural events in LATAM in 2022

As in the United States and Canada, agricultural fairs are also being held in Latin America to promote new trends and technological innovations that will be applied in agriculture in 2022.

This time, we mention the agricultural events in LATAM during 2022 so that agricultural producers and enthusiasts in the field can schedule the exhibitions they are interested in and thus make the most of these events.

In this post you will find:

  • Agricultural events in Colombia
  • Agricultural events in Brazil
  • Agricultural events in Chile
  • Agricultural events in Argentina
  • Agricultural event in Ecuador
  • Agricultural events in Mexico
  • Agricultural event in Peru


Agricultural events in Colombia

Agroexpo: Corferias, Bogota. Date to be confirmed

Known as the largest agricultural show in Colombia, Agroexpo is an excellent opportunity for attendees to enjoy an event where the most important representatives of Colombian agriculture meet.

The objective of the activity is to boost commercial exchange, get up-to-date on the latest technological advances and promote farm work in the country.

The 2022 edition is expected to be attended by an estimated 160,000 people, including enthusiasts, producers, and agricultural traders, who will enjoy more than 500 exhibits where leading companies in the agricultural and livestock area will showcase innovations in machinery and inputs, advances in production chains for food, everything related to livestock production, and financial institutions related to the agricultural world.

Expo Agrofuturo: Plaza Mayor, Medellín. Date to be confirmed

Another of the agricultural events in LATAM in 2022 where diverse products and services related to the agricultural sector will be presented, such as bio-inputs, equipment and machinery specially designed to improve agricultural work, products that work with solar energy and how to use them, water collection and conservation systems, agricultural products, and fresh farm snacks made by recognized global and national brands.

A maximum attendance of 20,000 people and the participation of up to 500 exhibitors are expected.

Proflora: Bogota. Date to be confirmed

This is a platform specially designed for attendees to discover different products such as flowers, trees, plants, and more. A maximum of 500 exhibitors, including breeders and growers, are expected to show their best products and compete for first place in the cut flower contest.

There will be a variety of booths where thousands of visitors will be able to appreciate the latest innovations regarding machinery such as special mini-tractors for gardening, lawnmowers, greenhouse materials, landscaping, garden care, outdoor living, and water gardening.

For those interested in this event, we also invite you to read our post on how to grow cut flowers even in reduced spaces and download our free eBook on the cut flowers industry in the United States.

Agricultural events in Brazil

Agrishow Ribeirao Preto: Ribeirao Preto. April 25-29, 2022

Known for being the largest and most important agricultural technology trade fair, not only in Brazil but in the world. One of its most attractive features is that it’s the only fair in its category that reunites a large number of exhibitors who are specialists in offering agricultural solutions for all types of crops, whether large or small.

It is also recognized worldwide for setting the standard by providing information on the main technological trends and innovations that are being implemented in the agribusiness industry.

Bio Brazil Fair: Anhembi, São Paulo. June 08-11, 2022

Another of the agricultural events in LATAM in 2022 that aims to serve as a platform for agricultural producers and enthusiasts in the field to be updated on the latest in organic products and agroecology.

This is an international event and one of the largest in Latin America where various certified organic, natural, and processed products will be shown, as well as other products and projects derived from sustainable agriculture.

The importance of certifying entities and financial institutions that offer alternatives to support agriculture will also be discussed, as well as the innovations in raw materials and technology that are being implemented in agriculture.

For those interested in this event, we also invite you to read our post on reusing and recycling agricultural plastics to reduce environmental impact.

Hortitec: Holambra. June 22-24, 2022

This is an initiative that arises from a common idea of several entrepreneurs who realized that Brazil needed a fair at the level of those held in other countries.

The goal is for attendees to have the opportunity to establish contacts with exhibiting companies to learn more about the needs of the industry and promote other businesses.

Thanks to the success achieved with previous events, this fair has been expanding its operations, so more specialists in the horticultural and floriculture areas are coming together as exhibitors to talk about agricultural topics of interest. This year, an estimated 400 companies are expected to participate.

Agricultural events in Chile

World Cherry Summit Conference: Sun Monticello, San Francisco de Mostazal. April 19, 2022

An excellent opportunity for agricultural producers of cherry crops to meet and learn about the latest trends and technological innovations that are emerging to improve agricultural processes that will lead to better harvests and quality products.

At least 650 delegates are expected to attend and 50 exhibitors specializing in cherry cultivation in the region are expected to participate.

For those interested in this event, we also invite you to read our post on how to increase cherry production and a successful case in Chile.

Agricultural Water Summit: Sun Monticello, San Francisco de Mostazal. June 16, 2022

One of the agricultural events in LATAM in 2022 that aims to promote all the advances and innovations that are being carried out to improve the use of water in agricultural processes, as well as the importance of protecting water resources for future crops.

More than 700 delegates are expected to attend, and more than 50 expert exhibitors are expected to participate.

For those interested in this event, we also invite you to read our post on how to improve water consumption in agriculture and poly-tube irrigation.

Agricultural events in Argentina

Latin American Precision Agriculture Congress: Córdoba. March 30 – April 1, 2022

One of the events that are designed especially for specialists in precision agriculture to share their opinions and discuss topics of interest in the agricultural area.

Rural Exhibition: La Rural, Buenos Aires. July 20 – 31, 2022

This exhibition will have as its central theme everything related to agriculture and gardening from a rural point of view.

The idea is to showcase a variety of agri-food products such as cereals, beers, wines and liquors, preserves, food products, chocolates, sweets, as well as products obtained organically, cheeses made from nuts, oils, candy, and much more.

Agricultural event in Ecuador

Agriflor: Centro de Exposiciones Quito. October 05-07, 2022

Certainly one of the agricultural events in LATAM in 2022 that attracts the attention of producers, traders, and suppliers connected to several industries such as agriculture, marine, and other food products. Exhibiting companies will have the opportunity to showcase their latest and most innovative products, as well as strengthen or establish new business relationships with customers, buyers, and suppliers.

Agricultural events in Mexico

World Aquaculture: Mexico City. May 24-27, 2022

The most relevant annual conference in the world held by the World Aquaculture Society, an organization that brings together agricultural professionals from more than 100 countries.

It is one of the best alternatives for the exchange of knowledge, technology, innovation, and development of professional networks.

A maximum of 500 exhibiting delegates are expected to participate in this edition, who, in addition to presentations, will give workshops, make technical visits to processing plants and farms in the region, as well as hold commercial exhibitions and other events to create professional networks.

InfoAgro Exhibition: Mazatlan International Center. May 26-28, 2022

The business epicenter for agricultural producers where, in addition to promoting innovations and technological advances applied to the agricultural area, they will be able to establish new business relationships with other farmers, suppliers, and traders in the agricultural industry.

Agrotech Mexico: Expo Guadalajara. June 15-17, 2022

An event designed especially for members of the agribusiness sector such as producers, industrial managers, and retailers of diverse agricultural products to increase their levels of specialization and competitiveness as they move towards Agribusiness 4.0.

One of the objectives of this edition is to understand that thanks to the implementation of machinery, equipment, and strategies linked to artificial intelligence and technological innovation, it is more viable to transform the agricultural industry as we know it.

More than 100 exhibitors will showcase the latest innovations in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Blockchain, Logistics 4.0, the use of drones in crops, and much more.

FIGAP Mexico: Expo Guadalajara. October 19-21, 2022

Unlike other meetings, this trade fair will focus its efforts on presenting the latest technological developments that are being promoted to address animal health problems, as well as the importance of manufacturing equipment and machinery to improve the processes of the food industries.

The thousands of visitors who attend each year will be able to enjoy a variety of booths where exhibitors will showcase the latest advances in agricultural equipment, animal health, genetics, nutrition, livestock software, metal silos for grain and seed storage, and pet food.

The occasion will be an opportunity for agricultural producers, sellers, and importers to establish new connections to strengthen, among others, the livestock sector.

Agricultural event in Peru

Summit of the International Blueberry Organization: Trujillo. Date to be confirmed

One of the agricultural events in LATAM in 2022 that will focus on topics of interest related to blueberry cultivation, not only in Peru but in the rest of the world.

This summit will bring together agricultural producers from several parts of the world to discuss common challenges and identify new opportunities. It has become the most important event on the blueberry industry calendar.

For those interested in this event, we also invite you to read our post on control of the environment of berries crops.

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