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Recycled baling solutions

Webinar Episode 10

We invite you to watch this webinar about “Recycled baling solutions” presented by our in-house expert, Miguel Bosquet.

We know that it is becoming increasingly important for farmers like you to have environmentally friendly solutions to carry out your work in the field. For this reason, manufacturers such as Reyenvas, whose Twine Division Manager is in charge of presenting this webinar, are concerned with developing products that meet these requirements.

We invite you to know from first hand about two baling solutions made from recycled plastics, their technical properties, their applications, and success stories to learn about the performance of these products presented.

Are you interested in environmentally friendly baling solutions, but have doubts about performance and costs? We recommend you to watch this webinar.


In this webinar we talk about:

Context for the development of recycled plastic packaging solutions:
  • Directives and policies in the European Union to boost the use of recycled raw materials in agriculture.
  • Trends towards the use of more sustainable practices in agriculture
  • They don’t contain heavy metals.
Black Label Twine and Tiger: two recycled plastic packaging solutions available on the market:
  • Technical properties
  • Applications
  • Certifications as environmentally friendly products
  • Product success stories

At the end of the webinar there is a Q&A session where Miguel answer doubts about this topic.

About Speakers

Miguel Bosquet

Miguel Bosquet

Twine Division Manager
Armando Alvarez Group

More about Miguel

I have more than 15 years of experience in this area since I started in 2002 to specialize in the Twine division within the agricultural sector. During my career in this sector, I have also worked in the industrial packaging and as a salesman for French-speaking markets. Currently, I am the Twine Division Manager in Armando Alvarez Group, a company that has over 55 years of experience as a manufacturer of agricultural plastics and a presence in over 105 countries. The company’s global presence has given me exposure to different markets with very specific needs for each of their crops.

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