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Temporary Grain Storage Solutions for Secure Business Operations

Webinar Episode 5

We invite you to watch this webinar about “Temporary Grain Storage Solutions for Secure Business Operations” presented by our in-house experts, Daniel Fiersbach and Petras Dičiūnas.


Why we consider Temporary Grain Storage Solutions so important:

  • On field storage – reduction of transport costs – faster harvest
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Grains can be stored by quality
  • Control over price and market fluences
  • Lower start-up costs than investment in fixed storage options such as cement and metal silos
  • Lower exposure to risks due to climate
  • Contamination of 1 bag does not affect all storage
You'll learn:
  • Advantages and disadvantages of storing grain in bag.
  • How to load/unload the bag
  • Comparison 3, 5 and 7 layer bags
  • Preparation of the soil
  • Stored grains
  • Times and conditions of storage
  • Quality control
  • Troubleshooting
  • Claims
At the end of the webinar there is a Q&A session where Daniel and Petras answer frequently asked questions about this topic.

About Speakers

Daniel Fiersbach

Daniel Fiersbach

Export Sales
Armando Alvarez Group

More about Daniel
I started my career in the Armando Alvarez Group 2008 in SOLPLAST and quickly specialized in crop packaging operating mostly in Central and Eastern Europe. 2018 and 2019 I was send to Germany in order to be closer to the markets I was in charge of and since 2020 I’m based at SOTRAFA company in Almeria. In my 12 years in agriculture plastic business I saw many different ways of working and I try to transmit this experience to our customers. I obtained the title specialist in International Trade issued by ENAE Business School (Murcia, Spain) in 2012.
Petras Dičiūnas

Petras Dičiūnas

Export Sales
Armando Alvarez Group

More about Petras
I am heavily involved with agricultural plastics for last 7 years of my life, both in purchasing and sales. Operating in Eastern European countries, and have been with Armando Alvarez Group since 2018.


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