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eBook on fruit trees cultivation and the use of plastics to increase production

eBook on fruit trees cultivation and the use of plastics to increase production

Thanks to its vast extension, North America enjoys an enormous diversity of climates that favours year round agriculture throughout its territory. In the case of fruits, there is a great diversity of crops and states that are leaders in their corresponding production, such as the case of grapes, apples, blueberries, strawberries, melons, watermelons and peaches, just to mention a few.

For those who grow fruits in the United States and Canada, this eBook can provide interesting data. It is a guide with information about fruit trees cultivation (fruit trees protection) and how technologies manage to optimize the processes and therefore, the profits resulting from the work in the field.

What information can you find in this eBook?

You will find out why nowadays the use of plastic in crops  (fruit trees protection) is essential to look for return of investment in some species of fruits such as grapes, cherry or bananas, and why it has to do with the success of the marketing of other fruits such as kiwi, mango, peach, papaya or Japanese medlar.

You will also learn what are the challenges faced by farmers dedicated to growing fruits throughout North America, and how the type of fruit tree and the latitude in which they are planted, directly influence the decisions that must be made when it comes to specifying the relevant details regarding the conservation of the crop.

You will discover everything about the existing technology regarding plastics and greenhouses specially designed for the planting and conservation of fruits, and how it varies not only according to the specifications of the plant, but also according to the investment capacity and needs of every farmer.

You will see that there are multiple options designed according to the different demands of the market and that, therefore, there are possibilities for each farmer, his business philosophy and the sale price that can absorb the cost of his production.

Some interesting data about the fruit market in the United States and its demands

As said in Monsanto’s post “The United Crops of America,” we have the opportunity to explore its territory through the agriculture, but if we focus on fruits, we will find real modern age industries in states like California with grapes, which harvested “more than 6.6. millions of tons of grapes in 2017;” Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia and Pennsylvania (the latter also produces grapes) taking the prized positions in the cultivation of apples; Delaware is the most significant player for melon; Florida is a leader in the cultivation of oranges; Massachusetts and Wisconsin are at the top of the list in the production of blueberries as is Utah with the cultivation of cherries.

All the information about the areas of crops in the United States can be found in detail on the website of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Remember that the ever growing worldwide demand for fruits at any time of the year forces producers to cultivate 365 days a year and, to guarantee their leadership in the market, it is imperative that always and regardless of the time and weather conditions, the product is of the best quality. In this eBook we provide this valuable data to know how you can be more efficient with your productivity and your operational costs while obtaining the best return on investment.

We invite you to also read our article on frequently asked questions about fruit tree covers.

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