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4 Recommendations of online agriculture courses to begin the year on a positive note:

4 Recommendations of online agriculture courses to begin the year on a positive note:

2020 was certainly a year of challenges when several industries of the world’s economy had to adapt, almost overnight, to the use of technology and other digital tools as a way to stay afloat and be able to promote diverse projects.

The agricultural industry is no exception and for that reason, although major technological improvements and adaptations had already been made. Today more than ever there are specific aspects of agriculture being supported by the digital era to carry out, for example, online agricultural courses where producers, farmers, and even agriculture enthusiasts, can receive training and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

Below, we mention several online agriculture courses and webinars that some universities and educational institutes with ties to the industry are promoting to begin the year on a positive note:

Sustainable food production through livestock health management

This course is promoted by the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign, United States, which includes among its objectives teaching about the impact that infectious diseases can have on the sustainable production of food of animal origin, once the science of growth, immunity and infection is understood.

This course is an excellent alternative to acquire certain problem-solving skills, as well as to promote animal health and food production through best management practices.

The content and results obtained in the learning process of this course will be focused on the most relevant aspects of the different food production sectors such as beef, dairy, poultry, and pig meat.

Special emphasis will be placed on equipping participants with a development platform. For more information about this course, access here.

Meat production and handling

Promoted by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University in the United States. This is one of the online courses in agriculture based on the theme of cattle breeding, seeking to cover the topics of breeds, establishing the necessary facilities, nutrition, and reproduction, as well as marketing and finance.

In the course, consisting of seven sections, you’ll find a compilation of readings, educational videos, and information leaflets to learn the basics about livestock meat production, as well as the importance of the analysis of production facilities and how to design a handling system that meets agricultural needs.

During the course, participants will also learn what are the best alternatives to meet the nutritional needs of livestock and how to handle pastures and fodder more optimally. For more information on this course, we invite you to access here.

online agriculture courses. Photo by Peo Hedin on Unsplash

online agriculture courses. Photo by Peo Hedin on Unsplash

Phytosanitary diagnosis: assessment of diseases, pests, and plant problems

This is another online agriculture course offered by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University in the United States, which seeks to provide knowledge about the process of diagnosis of the health problems that may arise in plants, and the signs and symptoms of diseases, pests, and insects, as well as environmental or management problems.

Learning to make an accurate and quick diagnosis increases the chances of solving a problem before the plant’s integrity is compromised.

Those who take the course will have the opportunity to learn about the steps to take for phytosanitary diagnosis where site conditions, plant management history, and symptoms are evaluated. To learn about other benefits of this course, access here.

Orchard management: site planning and preparation

Last, but not least, this course is also promoted by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University in the United States, which is specially designed for beginning and next-generation commercial fruit tree growers. The idea behind it is teaching participants to choose an appropriate site for a successful orchard, addressing climate considerations and preparing for the planting process.

It’s one of the online agriculture courses that provide valuable information about what deciduous fruit trees need to survive and thrive over time, as well as knowing what factors should be considered when choosing farmland, as they directly influence the success or failure of the orchard. To learn more about the date and content of the course access here.

Also, we invite you to take a look at our webpage of agricultural webinars, where we cover several topics such as soil management with totally impermeable films, the use of barrier films, temporary grain storage solutions, biodegradable or plastic crop support twines and their different-specific applications.

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