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Agritechnica 2019: What to expect!

Agritechnica 2019: What to expect!

From 10 to 16 November the city of Hannover, Germany, will be hosting the International Fair Agritechnica 2019, under the slogan “Global Farming – Local Responsibility “. Recognized as the world’s leading fair of agricultural technology, where major companies in the sector will be presenting their innovations and how to meet new agricultural challenges.

For the organizers of Agritechnica 2019, the slogan “Global Farming – Local Responsibility”, seeks to describe the agriculture of the future, focused and consolidated in the production of food for the world population, considering its constant growth, while conserving natural resources. This can only be possible using the latest technologies adapted to the specific characteristics of agricultural regions around the world.

Agritechnica 2019 has its roots in the exhibition DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society), which was first held in 1887. In 1985 the exhibition became an independent fair, held in the city of Frankfurt, and then since 1995 Hannover became the most important agricultural exhibition center in the world, hosting every two years this important agricultural technology fair.

At the Agritechnica 2019 trade fair, not only will agricultural machinery and technology be exhibited, but also innovative products, new alternatives for the cultivation of energy and water saving crops. The attendees will also be offered various sustainable management measures that will contribute to the production of crops for the future.

Opportunity to speak directly with agricultural plastics experts

In this sense, and focused on the matter related to our Community, it seems to us very interesting to know the innovations that are being made in the matter of agricultural plastics fabricated with increasingly specific properties to meet requirements in favor of saving water, energy, maintain the nutritional values of stored foods, increase the effectiveness of pesticides and, therefore, reduce their use. To do this, we invite you to visit Hall 27, Booth C53 of the Fair where you can ask experts in agricultural plastics how to maximize the potential of fodder and crops in general.

These experts in agricultural plastics are part of the Armando Alvarez Group, a Spanish company also based in the United States, which has cutting-edge 7 layer technology for the manufacture of its plastics and personnel dedicated to R&D that can respond to the different needs of the agricultural market and especially everything related to efficient storage of animal fodder and grains.

Green Bag (Silo Bag)- Armando Alvarez Group

Green Bag (Silo Bag)- Armando Alvarez Group

Special event focus on “Protecting Yield and Nature”.

The Agritechnica DLG-Show Special “Protection Yield and Nature” will be presented at the event. A forum in which farmers and contractors will be legally oriented so that their farming systems can adapt to the new conditions demanded by the market and can obtain a profitable economic return, contributing to organize a sufficient, sustainable and more efficient production of food, pasture and raw materials. To this end, hundreds of manufacturers, developers and scientists are working on new technologies that will contribute to this development in terms of both concepts and innovative ideas.

At Agritechnica “Protection Yield and Nature”, attendees can find a number of technical solutions as a response to the challenges presented today in the area of agriculture, not only for the protection of soils, water or the environment, but also enable you to manage economically through adapted yields. This will help them carry out a series of analyses to evaluate changes in the handling of machinery and equipment, as well as in agricultural inputs to adapt and develop the various farming systems.

The time will be propitious to share experiences and ideas with diverse colleagues of the agricultural world, as well as to contact suppliers who will be willing to offer you the best of the market. It will also be possible to clarify doubts directly with the attending professionals and specialists.

Other highlights at the Fair:

These issues have become major global challenges and target mainly two groups: large-scale farmers and so-called small subsistence producers. This is because technical solutions and management approaches, such as business cases, cooperative models and examples of collaborative projects, are part of the most appropriate responses to the farmer market.

Various companies will be presenting a variety of projects and ideas, explaining each of the benefits of the activities they develop and showing visitors how to improve and boost farming systems. Here are some events that may be of interest:

Mechanization, value chain upgrading and byproduct management in smallholder production systems for achieving sustainable rice production.
Organiser: DLG e.V.
Presenting organisation: International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines
Presenter: Martin Gummert

“Agriculture 4.0 – Maximising earnings by fully automated mega-drones”
Organiser: UNIDO
Presenting organisation: Vertical Works GmbH, Germany
Presenter: Dr. Peter Reuter

“A fully autonomous-driven drone does all fertilizing and plant protection works. The final result is a much bigger yield, reduced application of fertilizers and pestizides”

Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, Conservation Agriculture – which way forward to sustain food security for all?
Organiser: DLG e.V.
Presenting organisation: FAO, Inkota, ZIMSOFF (Zimbabwe)
Presenter: Josef Kienzle, Lena Bassermann, Elizabeth Mpofu

“The panellists will introduce the approaches agroecology, conservation agriculture, food sovereignty to get a better understanding of these holistic perceptions. There is one guiding question in common for all: what is a way forward to sustain food security?”

This is just a small preamble to the more than 50 topics that will be presented with at the Agritechnica 2019 fair, which will have world-renowned speakers.

For more information, visit the official website of Agritechnica 2019 and check the details of the event calendar.

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