Webinar Barrier films and their effect on fodder


Webinar Barrier Films

and their Effect on Fodder

We invite you to watch this recorded webinar on “Barrier plastics and their effect on Fodder” presented by our in-house expert in Silage and Animal Nutrition Maruzaan Booyse.

Why we consider this topic so important

“Farmers are losing money from spoiled silage, which has to be discarded, and from decreased nutritional value of the silage itself,” stated Professor Keith Bolsen of Kansas State University in 2012 and unfortunately, this remains the case nowadays. More specifically, for 2012, a quarter of a billion dollars every year… The reason? Sometimes it is as simple as not sealing the silage properly or, even worse, leaving it unsealed thinking that we will save some money on unnecessary plastics.

In this webinar we will talk about a real solution with barrier films!

You’ll learn:

At the end of the webinar you will find a Q&A session where Maruzaan answered several doubts of the participants on this issue as well as the range of silage bunker plastics and bags that are available as cost efficient solutions for silage management.

Maruzaan Booyse

MSc Animal Nutrition started in 2013, with dissertation topic: Effect of fibrolytic enzymes and oil addition on digestibility and growth performance of SA Merino lambs fed a high forage diet.

Technical sales advisor for Vitam International (2016-2017), selling silage inoculants, giving technical support to farmers on quality silage practises and writing reports on methods the farmer can implement to improve silage quality based on measurements and assessments performed on farm.

Sales Associate Sub-Sahara Africa Armando Alvarez Group, since 2018. My appointment into the Armando Alvarez Group includes technical support of the export team on silage management, specialized silage films and silage systems.