Webinar Silage Clamp Management

We invite you to watch this webinar about “Silage Clamp Management” presented by an expert from ARK Agriculture (UK), Will Wilson and animal nutrition expert Maruzaan Booyse of the Armando Alvarez Group.

This is the 2nd. of a series of 3 webinars where we talk in detail about everything you need to know to get the most from your investment 🚜

In this webinar we talk about:

  • Understanding losses – where, when and how do losses occur?
  • Filling, emptying and covering the clamp
  • Silage clamp safety

For this series of webinars, we had two experts from ARK Agriculture (UK) explaining everything you need to know to optimize silage storage in 3 sessions:

  • Silage clamp design, important points to consider.
  • Silage clamp management, how to work with your silage storage.
  • Silage Protection – the best way to sheet and cover your silage clamp to produce high-quality silage year after year.

We have a question and answer session at the end of the webinar where Will Wilson answers frequently asked questions related to silage clamp management.

About our Speaker

Will Wilson - ARK Agriculture

Will Wilson

Will Wilson is the Business Development Director for ARK Agriculture, specialists in silage storage. ARK Agriculture supplies silage clamps and silage covers across the UK and internationally for biogas and livestock farmers, with over 150 sites using our clamps in the UK. Will helped develop the business from its conception in 2013. His background is in practical farm and business management, which helps him understand ways silage storage can be improved at a farm level.