Webinar Plastic Cover Solutions for Fruit Trees

We invite you to watch this new webinar about “Plastic Cover Solutions for Fruit Trees” presented by our in-house expert in plastic covers, Borja Devís.

Are you in the fruit growing business? We have to insist to watch this webinar. We are sure it will be half an hour well spent.

The use of plastic in crops (fruit trees protection) is essential to look for return of investment in some species of fruits such as grapes, cherry or bananas, and why it has to do with the success of the marketing of other fruits such as kiwi, mango, peach, papaya or Japanese medlar.

The advantages of fruit tree protection are highly related to the advantages of plastics in traditional horticultural:

  • harvest advance and lengthening (extension of the crop cycle)
  • protection/reduction of crop losses (rain, hail, wind, frost)
  • fruit quality
  • productivity increase

You’ll learn:

At the end of the webinar will be a Q&A session where Borja answer some doubts about this topic.

About our Speaker

Borja Devís

Borja Devís

Agricultural Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, Spain. Area manager of the agricultural plastics division in the Armando Alvarez Group, responsible for the markets of Chile, Uruguay, Egypt, Italy and the west coast of the United States, specializing above all in grape, cherry and kiwi crops.