Biodegradable Crop Support Twine

Webinar: Biodegradable Crop Support Twine

We invite you to watch this webinar about “Biodegradable Crop Support Twine” presented by our in-house experts in horticultural and baler twine, Miguel Bosquet and Trevor Wells.

Why we consider Tutor Twine so important:

  • Increase air circulation among the foliage

  • Raise the plant avoiding that the flowers and fruits are in contact with the humid soil, which reduces the incidence of fungal diseases.

  • Avoid staining the fruit as it grows.

  • Prevents damage from trampling during work.

  • It increases the quality and production of the crop.

  • Reduces operational costs because the raffia twine can be recollected with the residual plant mass when the crop is terminated.
  • Decreases the negative impact on the environment.

You’ll learn:

At the end of the webinar there is a Q&A session where Miguel and Trevor answer frequent doubts about this topic.

About our Speaker

Miguel Bosquet

Miguel Bosquet

I have more than 15 years of experience in this area since I started in 2002 to specialize in the Twine division within the agricultural sector. During my career in this sector, I have also worked in the industrial packaging and as a salesman for French-speaking markets. Currently, I am the Twine Division Manager in Armando Alvarez Group, a company that has over 55 years of experience as a manufacturer of agricultural plastics and a presence in over 104 countries. The company's global presence has given me exposure to different markets with very specific needs for each of their crops.

Trevor Wells

Trevor Wells

I started my career in a company specialized in the production and export of paprika and other spices before joining the Armando Alvarez Group in 2013. I performed market research in the United States for the flexible packaging portion of the business before the acquisition of SPR Packaging of Texas in 2014. I worked at SPR as product manager and recently joined the agricultural team in September of 2019. I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Rollins College (Florida) as well as a Master’s degree in International Trade & Management from ENAE Business School (Murcia, Spain).